All in one ecoline stable with serpentine 500L

If you are looking for an ecological, reliable, and economical solution for producing hot sanitary water, the ALL IN ONE ECOLINE thermodynamic boiler from the Bemco brand is an excellent choice. This system uses an air-water heat pump to extract heat from the ambient air and transfer it to the sanitary water, thus providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional water heaters.

This Boiler is made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and durable, offering great reliability and trouble-free operation for many years. Additionally, the system is easy to install and use, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The ALL IN ONE ECOLINE boiler is also highly energy-efficient, with a high performance coefficient that significantly reduces energy consumption and water heating costs.

The ideal material to resist water corrosion on the market is stainless steel, which is why buffer tanks are made from this material.

About this model
  • Wi-Fi: Built-in
  • Warranty on the tank: 6 years
  • Warranty on electronics: 3 years
  • Easy installation anywhere
  • White stainless steel finish
  • Optional coil
  • Touchscreen controller



154 kg


69,6 × 212,4 cm



Maximum operating pressure

6 bar

Heating capacity range

3122-3907 W

Input power

1082-1145 W

Load profile




Maximum water temperature HP


Outside air temperature range


Power of the electric heater

1500 W

Maximum power consumption

2390 W

Maximum water temperature


Air flow

700 m³/h

Maximum pressure loss

70 Pa

Connection diameter

160 mm

Power supply

230 V/1 ph/50 Hz

Water inlet / outlet

1 inch


Manual Manual wifi


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