PowerMix 120 L

The Bemco wall-mounted mixed boiler, heat exchanger, or electric PowerMix is a versatile solution that offers reliable performance and high safety. With its economical tubular resistances and efficient insulation, it reduces heat loss and energy costs.

Its robust design ensures a long lifespan, while its enameled zirconium coating withstands high temperatures. The magnesium anode systems provide protection against corrosion.

Easy to maintain, it features an adjustable thermostat and anti-freeze protection. The metal safety valve, double waterproof switch, and temperature indicator enhance safety and convenience of use.

About this model
  • Two dry tubular resistances
  • Economical, thick and dense insulation
  • Secure, unique with six levels of protection
  • Long lifespan
  • Two magnesium anode systems
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Temperature indicator



44,5 kg





Nominal pressure

0.7 Mpa

Nominal voltage

230 V

Power rating

3 KW

Surface of the heat exchanger

0.65 m²

Internal volume of the heat exchanger

3.15 L

Preheating time of 15-60°C with heat exchanger

28 min

Pressure drop

50 Mbar

Stable losses (EN 60379)

51 W

Hot water outlet

G 1/2" M

Cold water inlet

G 1/2" M

Location for thermostat

G1/2 F


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